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Stock Status: Sold Out
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Vahrun the Monster King

Out there in the wild places of the world, roaming and roaring, Vahrun, the king of the monsters is exploring. And he gnashes his terrible teeth and he curls his terrible claws. But take a look closer, you will see his crown is made of paper, and his wee feet are tender paws. Vahrun is no mindless beast, he is a friend and cuddle creature, with opalised teeth and silicone skin (such a fitting feature).

This is why our Vahrun is the king, because of what he is. A monster who's made of the same stuff as all the toys he can bring. Not a wolf or a dragon, fox or horse. No dogs or blobs or whatchi-mah-bobs. Only silicone rules here, and 'rules' a term we use lightly... Our Vahrun can out breed any challenger, though he does so politely.  

With girth and length and mirth and strength, smooth and detailed both combined. With piercings along the goo, to help connect the dots, to know which way his shaft sits round and up. And you can check for yourself— he'd like you to get a good close up look... Vahrun is the perfect match for those looking for something fresh and new. Our noble king Vahrun adores his adventures and he'd love to explore with you!

▼ Behold, Vahrun, the Monster King! The monster mascot of MonstersLoveMachines and our most requested resident of the Monster Hotel, he is our biggest, gooiest good boy, perfect for size kings, queens, and everyone in betweens! Try this gigantic toy out in the gorgeous colours of luxury, with a purple highlight over a UV reactive fade!  

▼ Vahrun the Monster King signature colour comes in default firmness of Vahrun's Squish & Slime Firmness; A Medium (M) Tip, Soft (S) Shaft and a Hard (H) Base.
▼ Designed by Killveous in 2016, Vahrun is one of the largest toys MLM currently has to offer, with a glossier finish but still retaining the hand sculpted qualities MLM is proud of. This toy is not for beginners!
▼ Promotional artwork of Vahrun the Monster King created by Troganite!

Carnal Carnage
he's mean :'c stole my socks

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