Terms & Conditions
Information, Terms of Sale and Disclaimers.

“Why is the T&C so long??”
You know why.

1. General Sales T&C
2. Novelty Toy Information and T&Cs
3. What to expect from your Novelty Toy Order
(Looking for information on Toy Colours? Please see here)
(Looking for information on Toy firmness options? Please see here)
(Looking for information about our Silicone? Please see here)
4. Conditions of Novelty Toys
5. Customised Toy T&C
6. Premade Toy T&C
7. Other MLM Product T&C
8. User Responsibility and Care T&C
9. Website and Interface T&C
10. Definitions

  1. General Sales T&C

A) All products sold at MonstersLoveMachines are sold as novelty only. It is customer responsibility to utilise any and all products in a safe manner, MonstersLoveMachines is not liable or accountable for any bodily harm or injury resulting from using its products in anyway. MonstersLoveMachines descriptions for products should in no way be interpreted or assumed to be directions for use and are detailed within only an entirely fictional, fantasy setting. In no event is MonstersLoveMachines liable or responsible for any warranty nor guarantee expressed or implied over merchandise and any and all products sold, barring what is agreed upon within official T&Cs.

B) MonstersLoveMachines reserves the right to refuse sale to any customers for any reason, specified or not.
MonstersLoveMachines can black list any customers at any time and will refuse service to them in future. Any sales that have occurred and are not yet fulfilled will be refunded.

C) Accessing and purchasing products from MonstersLoveMachines must only be done by those 18 years old or over. MonstersLoveMachines does not sell products, including merchandise or things of a tame nature (such as soaps), to anyone under the age of 18.

2. Novelty Toy Information and T&Cs
A) Materials
All novelty toys are made from silicone which is 100% Platinum Silicone. It is entirely body safe and fully tested and approved. You can see more about looking after your silicone toys and other helpful info here on MLMs website, or here written by a unaffiliated advocate.
MonstersLoveMachines will only use pigments which are fully body safe- MonstersLoveMachines will never include unapproved glitter or sequins in MonstersLoveMachines novelty toys as they are known to work their way through the surface and leave nicks, tearing and ripping in toys used regularly. MonstersLoveMachines has thoroughly tested pigments out, in their own products for personal use, well before it reaches any customers.

All hand painted toys are painted within the molds and are never painted on the outside of a toy once out of the mold. Hand painted silicone is the exact same material as the rest of the toy (it is not something else stuck to it) and again, entirely body safe. Hand painted sections are not fully cured before pouring the rest of the toy; creating a strong bond as it cures together as one.

Any products with inclusions are not made from fully pre-cured silicone, as fully cured silicone chunks cannot bond as well together for longer term applications and tend to deteriorate at the three year mark onwards. Any inclusions in MonstersLoveMachines products are made from silicone that has been treated to slow it’s curing (meaning it is still ‘wet, gooey and sticky’ when applied), meaning that the entire toy can cure together and create a strong bond.

B) Finish/surface texture
All toys available are sculpted by hand and may have small ‘flaws’ such as smooth pitting, wrinkles and creases, minimal rougher spots or tiny thin line joints that are copied over into the finished Silicone Product. All points are checked fully to ensure they are aesthetic only and not detrimental to the integrity of the finished Silicone Product- Unless stated that the toy is an Monstake (For such things as air bubbles or large nicks from removed fragments) and will be sold discounted for the unexpected flaws.

Hand sculpting is currently what MonstersLoveMachines prefers to utilise for products, however MonstersLoveMachines can create 3D printed models and ultra-smooth, glossy products just as easily; This is important to keep in mind if you are commissioning a custom model product. MonstersLoveMachines simply prefers the intricate detailed textures that hand sculpting provides.

C) Trimming
All toys have hand trimmed bases (on the very edge of the flat underside) that will vary from one toy to the next but has no bearing on the product in use. You can learn more about trimming below in section.

D) Keeping Materials Clean
Silicone attracts fluff and hair and the softer firmness's may feel a little bit stickier (tackier feeling) than the harder firmness options. This is perfectly safe and the natural way these toys feel. To clean any toy simply use warm soapy water to rinse any fluff away. If you would like to really sanitise your toy (perhaps using between different people), you have choices to suit you; Silicone is dishwasher safe, which means you can put your toy in the dishwasher on a sanitize setting. You can also boil your toy for a few minutes (stirring constantly). Alternatively, you can use a mild bleach and water dip; use a 10% to body warm (not boiling hot) water bleach solution (in a well-ventilated area, with PPE such as gloves). Be sure to rinse and let dry, and once again clean with soap water before your next use. Learn more about Toy Care here.

Some certain models of toys may have a slightly tackier feeling than others even in harder firmness options, this is due to the high detail on them (such as scales or a lot of wrinkles) giving more surface area. These toys are still perfectly safe.

E) Suction Cups
Suction cups are only offered for certain toys and are always checked that they work before being packaged. To use your suction cup correctly you must invert the cup (to remove all air) before pressing to the desired surface. Do not just press it down- you need to flatten out the base and then apply to a smooth surface like bathroom tiles or the side of a plastic tub. Note; don't put suction cups on wall papered walls.

3. What to expect from your Novelty Toy Order

A) Ordering
Orders must be made through the website. MLM does not sell any Novelty Toys in person, however Merchandise may be at conventions. Ordering is simply done by putting desired items in your basket and then following checkout. If there is an issue with your order, such as no stock available; you will be refunded or be given stock credit.
If you order an item, you may not get a refund. Any cancelled orders are stature to a 25% restocking fee.
B) Billing
You are responsible for your billing address and any invoices will not indicate that you are buying novelty toys (it does not say anything like Sex Toy or Dildo).
C) Your Details
It is entirely the customers duty to give an accurate name and shipping address. MLM is not responsible in anyway for goods shipped to addresses that have been filled in mistakenly by the customer.
Your details are required for every purchase, including convention pick up.
D) Wait times
Products at MLM are handmade (unless stated pre-made item) and as such take time to make. The process is long and extremely complicated for some pour styles and colour options.
MLM aim to get orders out from 2-8 weeks from date of order approval (not date of purchase). Order approval for customs happens only when the customer and MLM agree to a colour if it is a complex colour. The process may take time and a few different revisions on digital line art before being approved.
Please be patient, MLM understands a need for urgency, but products cannot be rushed, nor batch made like many other companies.
E) Your box
Your toys will be shipped in a plain brown box; Please see more about our Discreet Shipping here.
Within your box you may find other silicone items. These are free Silicone Squishies we give away with many orders, usually matching the colours of your toys if they are custom. These Silicone Squishies are also, like our Novelty Toys, sealed in plastic to protect them. Silicone Squishies come in a verity of MLM themed shapes from Eggs, Hearts, Little Lizards, Gem Stones, Robot Screws, Skeletons, fish and more.
Silicone Squishies like these are provided not just for fun, but for new customers who may have lubricant or soaps they have never used before with Silicone Products and wish to test them out without risking their full size Novelty Toys.
Your toy will be bagged and sealed in a plastic bag inside your box. Remove the products from the plastic bags and dispose of responsibly. If the bag is torn or opened (perhaps by customs import if you live in a remote area) then please contact MLM right away for advice.
Your toy will have a trimmed base; this is the edge of the underside of the toy (the flat part). This is normal for toys from all makers and companies.
Toys are made of silicone and will have a slightly tacky or squishy sticky feeling to them- this is normal. It does not feel like plastic or glass which you may be used to. Firmness options effect silicone feel, which you can learn more about here.
You must wash all toys before handling. You can do this simply with warm water and soap-- using a soap you know is safe for silicone and for your own skin. This is important and true for all novelty toys you may purchase from all makers and companies. Find more about cleaning toys here.

4. Condition of Novelty Toys

While all safety and hygiene conditions are kept in mind when making toys; working with these products is still a physical act done by human beings. Sadly, we don’t have any real machines or monsters on hand to help staff as of yet; as such mistakes do happen. As well as things such a tiny clothing fibres, little silicone specs from trimming and demolding or paint brush hairs possibly being included in your order. We have also found there can be a fair amount of paper particles (dust) from boxes and packing paper. MonstersLoveMachines cleans the workshop vigorously and does their best to keep everything as clean as possible including wearing protective gear; Tyvek suits, gloves and hair nets.
As of 2019, masks are also worn at _all times_ within all areas of the workshop, including packaging areas. We have kept this procedure since covid.

We apologise in advance for anyone finding any fibres, silicone specs or brush hairs near their toys, inside or outside the plastic packing or inside or outside the boxing. This is just an acceptable part of making toys- silicone itself loves to attract fibres especially.
MonstersLoveMachines has a food, pet and plant free workshop and this should negate any allergies to animal hair, food stuffs like nuts or plant spores when making our silicone products.
The packing room does include packaged food (candies) and homemade soaps which are included in special orders. If you have an extreme allergy, please make MonstersLoveMachines aware.

All silicone products are sealed in plastic; however, if the bag is very large and shaped a certain way, by law we have to include a small punch hole due to risk of suffocation if the bag is placed over the face. This is a tiny hole in one of the corners.

We are also aware that post office depots are literally filthy cess pits of dust bunnies, spooders and grey soot balls. If your box was opened by customs import staff to look at the contents; MonstersLoveMachines cannot guarantee your box won’t have been contaminated inside. However, all novelty toys are sealed in plastic bags- and thus should not be contaminated. Same goes for all food or soap products.
If you find your bag has been opened then contact MonstersLoveMachines at once for help and advice.
MLM holds no responsibility for products that have been tampered with once they have left MonstersLoveMachines workshop.

MLM will never sell liquids with their products, such as lubricant (liquid form, not powdered) due to the incessant degree of damage package boxes sometimes go through when meeting local handlers of the client's origin. Boxes becoming damaged by shipping couriers is rare, but often causes lube or other liquids to drain out and cause wet, ‘soggy’ boxes which we have had to deal with personally in the past.
MLM apologises in advance for the lack of lubricants (liquid form) supplied, but does not dare risk this experienced misery to any customers.

6. Customised Toy T&C

A) MLM holds no guarantee, expressed or implied that a toys colours will be perfectly matching any and all representations or expectations, especially when compared to on screen colour captured images.
B) MLM will not refund, reimburse or exchange any toys under the pretence of incorrect matching toy colours, markings or patterns. Not limited to tonal variations, marble patterning and hand painted sections.
C) Customers are accountable for their expectations alone. Implied incorrect colouring by marginal error by MLMs discretion is not refundable, reimbursable or exchangeable.
D) No preview images or photos will be provided unless opted in for by MLM staff, at their discretion.
E) MLM will not create any toy colours or markings that are of offensive or insensitive nature, within that which is known by staff as representational of such offensive or insensitive subjects. MLM retains the right to decline a custom toy colour or marking for any reason, expressed or not on this basis.
F) MLM holds the right to make customisation requests and responses public (with of course personal details left out) at any time. Publicising of photography of customised toys will often happen to show examples to others through social media outlets.
If you wish your toy be kept completely private- this needs to be expressed within initial enquiries and is subject to decline.
G) When customers purchase a Customised Toy from MLM, they are agreeing to all terms listed here.

MLM will try their best to make a product that customers will like; however, everyone's tastes and preferences are different.
When ordering a custom toy, the customer needs to understand that colours will be attempted but not guaranteed. That while colours will be attempted (within reason), they can differ. Silicone is an artform and extremely tricky to work with. Unpredictable in how it can sometimes react and mix. This is the nature of the material and as such, while all efforts to make your customised toy will be exercised, perfection is not to be expected. Especially when doing very specific colours chosen on a hyper bright monitor screen or markings with sharp angles and perfectly symmetrical features. These are qualities of digital artwork; not traditional silicone mediums.

This being said; MLM is reasonable about colours and if there is something wildly wrong (like a colour being blue and not red as requested, or a hoof print being painted on the toy and not a pawprint marking as requested) then refunds and repours will be applied at MLMs discretion.

Short Hand Custom Toys Terms and Conditions:
All novelty toys are sent in sealed, clear plastic bags. Please inspect your product before opening- opening the bag breaks the seal and thus cannot be returned and refunded.
MLM has their toys packed in clear bags so you can easily see your product from all sides before opening.
If there are any issues with your toy on inspection through the bag (wrong firmness, incorrect colours etc), please contact MLM immediately so we can resolve the issue. Be sure to keep the toy sealed in its plastic bag. MLM will only offer full refunds for the return of a product within its sealed bag unless there is a physical detrimental issue that has only become apparent once out of the bag (and thus, the toy could never be sold anyway).

Toys Sealed in Plastic bags have never touched any other people other than MLM staff (who obviously need to touch it to make it and inspect it before bagging). We cannot offer refunds on any toy outside of it’s sealed plastic bag unless there is a specific fault reason (one that was not sold as a Monstake). This does not cover customers who have changed their minds about their chosen model, size, colours or firmness options.

7. Other MLM Product T&C 
MLM has other products for sale and those are also covered by the Terms and Conditions listed here.
All products are designed for adults, including plush toys, soaps and the like. Do not allow anyone under the age of 18 to own these products or come into contact with them (yes even the goat plush!).
It is customer responsibility to follow directions and proper care with all other products sold through MLM. MLM is not at fault for any problems products have from incorrect use.

8. User responsibility and Care T&C

MLM toys are a piece of artwork and thus must be cared for correctly. Customers have a duty of care to products, and incorrectly caring for your product will shorten its lifespan. This is true of any novelty toy maker, not just MLM.

A) Personal Responsibility
MLM will not refund or replace any toy that has been incorrectly used. MLM is not liable for any damage caused by improper use. MLM may offer support and advice to those who have damaged their toys through improper care, however this is followed at the customers own risk and MLM is not held liable.
B) Damage by lubricants
Improper lubricants can and will damage your product. Usually, the use of silicone lubricants results in the surface becoming sticky and ‘melty’. This is no fault of the product but the chemicals reacting. This is true of any silicone product from any maker or company.
Only use lubricants you know are safe for both you and your toy. If you are using a new lubricant; always be sure to test it first on the underside of your toy or on a silicone squishie or tester tab first. Let it sit for a few days and then see what reaction, if any has taken place. MLM is not at fault for any problems toys have from incorrect lubricants.
C) Damage by Cleaning
Silicone should be cleaned properly, and with soaps that are suitable. Any damage by harsh cleaning products or heavy scrubbing is fault of the customer. MLM is not at fault for any problems toys have from incorrectly cleaning.
D) Damage by Storing
Toys must be stored in a dry, cool space. Toys must not be crammed or jammed into a small space so much that is it squished into an unnatural angle; doing so will cause damage to the toy if stored so long term. Toys can get mold growing on their surface if silicone is left moist or wet with water or other fluids for a time, especially in a warm location. Do not leave toys for long periods in showers or bathtubs unless cleaned often and not just sat in stagnant water for long periods.
Placing toys in a plastic ziplock bag once dried completely is a great way to store your toys.
Only store silicone toys with toys also made of silicone. Toys not made of Silicone may damage silicone products, this is not a fault of the silicone, but simply that certain cheaper toys may 'melt' onto silicone products.
MLM is not at fault for any problems toys have from incorrectly storing.
E) Damage by incision
Toys can be damaged by cutting, slicing or biting. Fingernails may also damage the surface. Treat your toys with care. Do not cut them, do not take a knife to them.
MLM is not at fault for any problems toys have from outside damage.
F) Understanding damage by user and improper use or fault of maker
MLM knows when a product is at fault due to a problem with the toy itself, or if something has been damaged by the customer. There are specific signs of problems with toys, in contrast to toys being improperly used. MLM can explain those issues fully in a case by case basis.
G) Get help with mistakes
If you make a mistake- MLM is here to help. Show us the damage and we will try to advise you on what you can do to minimise the issue or the next steps if your product has been truly damaged beyond repair.

9. Website and Interface T&C

Any content (including but not limited to promotional illustrations, graphics images and written text) that was not created (entirely or collberated works) by MLM has been utilised with permission, contractually agreed upon or with verbal/written consent.

10. Definitions

MonstersLoveMachines/MLM/Us/We/Staff: Means and refers to MonstersLoveMachines and associated Staff or Contractors working for MonstersLoveMachines, applied to the MonstersLoveMachines.com website and official and confirmed social media representations.
You/Your/Customer/Customers/User/Users/Client/Clients: Means the person, people, company or establishment who accesses the web site or affiliated social media representations, and which enters into a contract with us (purchasing of goods) and has no current nor prior employment or affliction with MonstersLoveMachines.
Content/Media: Means all written and visual content (including, but not limited to; Written content, textual information, Illustrations, Sketches, Graphics Images, Video, Audio, 3D designs and Sculpted assets) that is hosted on MonstersLoveMachines.
Web Site: Means monsterslovemachines.com / monsterslovemachines.co.uk (both of which lead to the same webpage).
Service/Customer Service/CS: Means and refers to any online tools, services, functions or facilities as well as any direct communication with MLM through the monsterslovesmachines website or other information platforms (including but not limited to Direct / Private Messaging [DM/PM], Emails, Private Messaging). Any and all information that MonstersLoveMachines makes available through the Web Site either now or in the future.