Your silicone novelty toys will last for many years to come, as long as it is looked after and cleaned regularly.

To properly clean your toy, wash your toy with hot water and soap first. You do not need special cleaners or soaps to look after your silicone purchases. It is more important that you use a soap that  works well with your body for light cleaning by washing silicone toys with it in warm water. If you are unsure and have never used your soap on silicone toys before, please test a small part of the base of your product or one of the small free silicone squishes with your chosen soap first and leave it with a high concentration as to see what effects, if any, it has on the surface before using it.

A soft brush or sponge can be used during this step to be sure there is no residue deep set/dried into any areas. Be sure to always check the tip (urethra) and back of the glans (head) as these areas on many models are quite pronounced!

After cleaning your toy with soap, you can then do a deep clean. This can be done be via boiling your toy in water for a few moments (stirring often, dip and drip, don’t fry the toy), giving the toy a 10% bleach solution soak in WARM water (not boiling or very hot), or putting it in the dishwasher on a sanitation cycle. Be aware to properly support the toy in the washing machine, not letting it rest too hard on any spokes or draining frames— and of course don’t wash your dishes or whatnot with the toy. Wash your toys on their own!

Do not put it in a washing machine made for clothes.
Do not put it in a drier either.
Do not ever boil water with bleach (memes about mustard gas aside, this is super dangerous).
Do not ever let a toy sit stagnant at the bottom of a hot metal pot of boiling water (you’ll damage the surface).

Be sure to clean your toys before and after handling and be sure to dry them off fully before storing them. We recommend you place your toys in Ziplock bag for safe keeping.