Symbiosis Book

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Signed Symbiosis Book – Published by Cryptid Zines 
The ultimate indulgent catalogue for symbiote lovers, Symbiosis is a wonderful 150 full colour page soft cover book filled to the brim with over 100 artists work! Including of course MLM’s Killveous and also our beloved Contributor Nakoo!  
Artists include;  

This book is an extremely limited item; with only 30 of them for sale with MLM, each signed by Killveous and finished with an original one-of-a-kind sketch in the front which is only for your eyes! 
Each sketch is unique but features a lovable good goo boy, please note the photo is an example only, yours will be bespoke for your book.  
Once these books are sold out, there will never be more of them. Do not miss your one and only chance.  
Limited to one per customer unless stated otherwise to combine shipping.