MonstersLoveMachines strives to cater to people, monsters, machines and things of all creed.

Looking after the environment and the animals around us means a lot to MLM. As such we always try to use mainly recyclable materials and products that can be cleaned and reused. Our shipping boxes and packing paper are all recycled and widely recyclable by our customers once they have received them.

MLM hires people from a diverse range of race, sexuality, gender and more. You’ll find promotional artists and designers proudly credited with their work.
MLM’s cast of characters are also incredibly diverse, and all are happy to help. With their own personalities, style and sizes; There’s sure to be something to suit most everyone.

The MLM website has been designed with our fellow neurodivergent friends in mind, with easy-to-read font choices and colour pallets recommended by experts, as well as many photos and pictures for those who are visual learners.
MLM is raising and donating to several causes, mainly British environment and wildlife charities. We are also promoting and donating to Autism Awareness, LGBTQ+ and racial support groups during special events (such as Manchester Pride).

If you have any suggestions for more charities, changes to MLM procedures (such as a more eco friendly sealed safe bagging option) please feel free to contact us!