MonstersLoveMachines products are made from only body safe materials; Platinum Silicone and Cosmetic Body Safe Pigments.

Silicone is a non-porous, phthalate free, hypoallergenic material used in medical grade devices; Silicone is inert and does not leach chemicals or foul smells unlike tcp jelly or vinyl which is commonly used for cheap and temporary products. We also do not use any silicone ‘blends’ which means that the Silicone has been cut with cheaper materials.

MLM will never sacrifice the quality of their materials and with regular cleaning and care, your novelty toy will last many years to come.

MLM will not taint materials with large abrasive glitters and sequins or any additives which can damage the silicone. MLM will not include toys with ‘inclusions’ made from pre-cured silicone, as fully cured silicone chunks do not bond together for longer term applications. Any additions in MLM products are made from silicone that has been treated to slow it’s curing and thus, apply it to products before full curing can take place.

Please take care with your silicone toys; While silicone is resilient, it is not immune to damage. Please check T&Cs for more info before purchasing!