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Stock Status: Sold Out
Ghost Host Green (+£30)
Colonel Riles (+£60)
Bone Zone Blue (+£30)
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Nakid Skeleton's Ghost Host Green

Down in MLM’s post and packing facility, there is a coy, tall, and extremely thin monster at work. When not out on collections and deliveries across the realms and stars, you’ll find Nakid sorting out your toy orders and occasionally slipping in free Silicone Squishies.  
Nakid is MLM’s resident ‘skeleton crew’, but alas, even he needs time to rest his old bones, and now you too can find out how good this well-travelled monster is at ‘raising the dead’. 
His personal bone is naked of any ominous or intimidating textures unlike the rest of MLM’s crew. Instead, Nakid Skeleton is an extremely easy and relaxing partner. A blunt tip will avoid poking uncomfortably during even the deepest grave digging adventures, while the girth at the mid shaft adds a fulfilling, stretching experience. Utilising MLM’s signature hand sculpted texture mixed with some extra glossy sections on girthier areas to tone down details, making them smooth and polished. Nakid displays himself as a mixture of both mortality and spectral monster, mixed with the additions of his life, past and future... 

Try Nakid Skeleton out in his natural Ghost Host Green from the Spooky Spector Colours! + £30 
Nakid Skeleton is versatile and his ghostly forms and magical ability's means he can change his assets to any size and shape to suit his partners, meaning you can find his wonderful colouration across the entire range of models at MLM. 
Nakid himself sports Ghost Host Green which utilises a highlight of sparkling ghoulish pearlescent Green over a Glow-In-The-Dark Green fade. But if green isn’t getting you going; Spooky Spector colours also come in Bone Zone Blue, Ooo Boo Orange and Rip & Drip Red! All featuring a sparkly highlight over Glow-In-The-Dark fades! These amazing luminous colours are available on any and all of MLM’s products, found in the MLM colours drop down menus!  

Nakid is best felt in firmness Medium for size Small or firmness Soft for sizes Medium and Large for any beginners. More experienced partners will enjoy this monster in Hard firmness for all sizes. 
Available in three different sizes to suit most everyone, Nakid was originally designed back in 2015 and he was specifically created to cater to those wanting a toy much closer to home, whatever your parts may or may not be. Nakid is also great for testing out colour ideas! 

Colonel Riles

Feeling blue without a 9-foot-tall alien boyfriend to call your own? You can now feel the blue in you with this one of a kind colour, exclusive to MonstersLoveMachines! Once a callous colonel from a cold corporation, Riles has been resurrected in an alien body to continue the fight. But he needs a soft human partner who will remind him of the comforts of home and bring him back down to Earth, lest he be lost to his newfound alien instincts. He is perfect for less experienced soldiers with his smooth, elegant shaft and comforting, familiar humanoid shape, made with stripes and glowing freckles. Framed above gorgeous sheath folds rich in realistic skin like texture. Riles is a gentle lover, made beautiful by these wonderful one of a kind handcrafted colours.

Nakid featuring Colonel Riles Colours! + £60
An amazing and unique colour, no two of this colour will be exactly the same!  Photos are examples only!
Unique Glow-in-the-Dark freckles cover the entire toy which has a subtle blue highlight over UV-reactive pink fading to UV-reactive blue flesh. Finished with one of a kind dark blue stripes! This colour is horrible to make but looks really cool let me tell you.

▼ Colonel Riles colour comes in default in Soft (S) firmness, but can be customised to any firmness if desired.

▼ Promotional Artwork of Colonel Riles created by Killveous, that's me! Hehehoho


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NOTE: Colours cannot be guaranteed. Please be aware only certain markings and patterns can be achieved in silicone. Prices for intricate and very complex markings are significantly higher than base colour costs.
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