MLM Characters and Signature Colours
Learn about the characters behind MLMs toy promotional Illustrations, fanart and short stories.

MLM has a series of different stories and casts that suit certain colours and themes.

You can find out more about them here!


The Monster Hotel - MonstersLoveMachines resident cast of characters! The Monster Hotel is always here for you when you need a break from the busy world and its troubles. With wonderful staff, all so eager to help you forget your worries. The most comforting, soft creatures you will ever know.

Ardentule – A Magical World with gateways to other sub culture worlds. Many undead and fantasy creatures, a whole underground world filled with all kinds of glowing mysteries and magical monsters.


Moon –  XXXX TBA

Machímon - XXXX TBA

MLM Characters

Monsters Love Machines has a myriad of characters, not just toy models with dull faceless names. Characters are an important part of MLM and here you will find them categorised with their promotional art and signature colour releases, and a little blurb so you can learn more about your favourite frisky friends! You will find links to their pages and artwork too, making navigation easy!

? Why does MLM have so many Signature Colours for toys ?  

 > I get bored of doing the same thing over and over again. Artist burn out is real.  

Doing more than one signature colour means MLM can rotate ideas around, and have fun doing markings and patterns that are enjoyable for a little while. Remember, each toy is one of a kind piece, with customs made specific for you!

? How long do Signature Colours for a specific model last ?
 > Until I get bored.  

Honestly it is anyone’s guess! Sometimes I get sick of doing something and remove it, or sometimes fate deals its hand and a certain pigment will be discontinued or altered by the supplier. Meaning that certain colour is gone forever.  

But not to worry— MLM will always be bringing out new Monsters and Machines and everything in-betweens for you to meet!  

MLM releases brand new models in waves, these waves typically are 2-5 years long at a time. Waves don’t just include models but also new promotional artwork and signature colours! Perhaps you always fancied a certain model but the colours were not inspiring? MLM here is to help you with a diverse choice of amazing colours based on beautiful character artwork which is always expanding.

This list also gives updates to new sizes and model updates. Check back now and then to see what’s new!

Wave 1 Characters
One Promotional Art and Signature colour per Toy model.

Valkyrie –Retired-
Geckoh -Retired- Remade wave 2 as Sanago with improved scales.
Vamptron –Retired-  
Lucarine V1 –Retired- Remade wave 2 as Lucarine with improved base.

▼ Introduced Inmanis; The Salmon King Inmanis ▼

Inmanis is a part of the Monster Hotel continuity, he is a lovable chubby monster who makes his home in the rivers and lakes of the area. He embodies qualities of aquatic beasts; orcas, crocodiles and of course, the salmon whom he always accompanies for their migrations. Inmanis is a gentle giant and one of MLMs most valued characters, and one of the first!

Find his model and artwork here!
You can also find his Soap here!
You can also find his Squishies here!

▼ Introduced Nakid; Nakid the Skeleton ▼

Nakid is part of a the Ardentule continuity, which contains many fantastical creatures and, most common; Skeleton monsters! Nakid also works for the Monster Hotel and for Monsters Love Machines directly, and is able to move between realms to visit friends! Nakid is a mysterious but kind character who has transitioned through the use of magic. Some even claim he could be a necromancer, perhaps he will bring back old ‘dead models’ from the past? Maybe he already has? OOoOoOoOooo...

Find his model and artwork here!
You can also find his Soap here!
You can also find his Squishies here!

Wave 2 Characters (Starting 2020)
Two Promotional Arts and Signature colours per Toy model. 

▲ Inmanis Promo; Slime of Symbiotic Slime ▲

The second colour for the Inmanis model, Slime is a symbiotic slimey boy, fitting of his name! He has the markings like an orca or honey badger, opalised white veins blooming across his flesh with shimmering blue tinted flesh like spilt oil or perhaps... a magical alien ore. Slime is a naughty boy, but deeply devoted to his partners. He lives out in the big city and is best friends with Carnal and Accismus; his fellow goo monsters.

Find his signature colour and artwork here!
You can also find his Squishies here!
You can also find his plush keyring here!  
You can also find a book that might interest you here

▼Introduced Sanago; Sanago’s Blue Poppyseed ▼

Sanago is an elusive giant dragon that is close friends with Nakid. Sanago has yet to reveal himself, hiding deep down in his caves; keep an eye out for when his promotional art and amazing Signature colour drops during Wave 3!  

Find his model and artwork here!
You can also find his Squishies here!

▲ Sanago Promo; Pastel Patterned Gecko ▲

Pastel is the second colour of the Sanago Model and works at the Monster Hotel. She is a beautiful, fantastical creature with scales of gleaming gold as well as her favourite colours: White, Pink and Blue. She is proud of who she is and what she has achieved. She has had top surgery and is great friends with Nakid, Kimmik, Swolos and Toast whom she shares her support group with. Her scales are sprinkled with speckles, and her room is always a little messy with her second favourite thing to collect; plushies and pillows!

Find her signature colour and artwork here!

▼ Introduced Huel; Huel’s Bone apatite ▼

Huel is the chef of the Monster Hotel and a well-aged and refined monster, with a varied past but a delicious present. Huel might have more up his sleeves than just his cooking skills, with many of his fingers in different, but equally delicious pies. Huel lives by the motto; never trust a skinny chef, though maybe this fatty foodie will surprise you with what skills he has behind that apron of his.  

Find his model and artwork here!

▼ Introduced Vahrun; Vahrun’s Good Goo Boy ▼

One of the mascots of Monsters Love Machines, he is the Monster of Monsters Love Machines and by far the most fun loving good goo boy you could ever wish to meet; The Monster King! With teeth of opal always gleaming in a happy smile, Vahrun could be ominous at first, but you’ll find this monster made of slimy silicone is the best friend you could ever hope to stumble into at the Monster Hotel! Made and Maintained by Monsters!  

Find his model and artwork here!
You can also find his Soap here!

▼ Introduced Washebe; Washebe Monster of the Bathhouse ▼

Washebe is the Bathhouse master of the Monster Hotel and takes his job in a very laid back way; relaxation and pampering is all this Taur wants to indulge himself and his guests in. Washebe is a monster Taur, meaning he has an anthromorphic upper half and a four legged lower half, though unlike centaurs who are half horse and half human; Washebe is half lion monster and... half monster on top too! But don’t worry, both ends are fluffy and cuddly! Look out for Washebe’s soap shop, a side project of MLM selling real soaps!  

Find his model and artwork here!
You can also find his entire Soap shop here!
You can find his personal Soap here!
You can also find his Squishies here!
You can also find his lanyard here!

▲ Vahrun Promo; Carnal of Carnal Carnage ▲

Carnal is another friend of Slimes, the smallest of the three monsters made of slimey goop! However, Carnal is by far the largest in certain assets than his ‘bros’. Carnal is fearless, untamed and excitable, loving attention and crowds of deliciou—er- dancing humans. Yeah... Carnal is the party boy of the slimey goo boys. Bound by blood and other bodily fluids, Carnal is ready to put any partner through their paces. 

Find his signature colour and artwork here!

▲ Sanago Promo; Lace of Black Lace Mystic Quake ▲

Lace is the first of the Skeletaurs and comes from Ardentule, along with Sanago the dragon himself and many others. Skeletaurs are half skeleton on top, unlike traditional centaurs. Skeletaurs are an extremely rare hybrid creature and each Skeletaur has a different animal like lower half (it’s not just horse bodies here!). Lace is the most gentle and shy of the Skeletaurs, but also the most luxurious and beautiful.

Find his signature colour and artwork here!

▲ Huel Promo; Vanus of Anti-Vanus ▲

The largest of the slimey goopy boi monsters, alongside Slime and Carnal; Vanus is the more reserved of the three beasties, but when you get past his stern exterior and gruff, big boy attitude, you’ll find a big softie underneath! He loves spending his time lurking in dark corners, illuminating the shadows and bedrooms with his fiery glow.

Find his signature colour and artwork here!

▲ Nakid Promo; Ludix of Ludix the Rustung ▲

The second colour of Nakid, Ludix is an ancient set of possessed armour, forged through Bifrost enhanced magic, Ludix spends his times deep down in the ‘boss chambers’ of Ardentule, waiting for a worthy partner to parry with. He’d love to leave his dungeon hollow one day to go adventuring up above, maybe he will if he finds the right person!

Find his signature colour and artwork here!

▼ Baaph the Monster Goat ▼

Baaph is one of our three mascots and is the Love in the middle of Monsters Love Machines! Baaph is a goat monster whom can be summoned at any time and any place by anyone who prays for him. Baaph donates his services to Washebe in order to make Goat Milk soap as well as being a big part of MLMs team. Baaph can shape shift; he can be a larger human sized goat beastie, or an adorable smoll goat with the zoomies! Both forms are equally loving and soft!

You can find his Plush here!
You can also find his Sticker here!
You can also find his lanyard here!
You can also find his Wooden Keyring here!
You can also find his Acrylic Keyring here!
You can also find his Goat Milk Soap here!