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Stock Status: Sold Out
Inmanis the Salmon King (+£45)
Symbiotic Slime (+£60)
MLM Love (+£15)
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The Salmon King Inmanis

What do you love most about rivers? Quite the chunk on a hunk of a monster... Inmanis is a large toy with delicate textured sections down the sides and sensitive bumping nodules down the back and underside that can be intimately felt in use while feeling comfy and filling. The tip is easy for insertion but blunt and obliging to any of your sensitive areas. The base is also equipped with a large pair of balls that will ensure this monster doesn't go getting lost during even the most extensive river expeditions and is able to stand proudly in any available firmness options. Inmanis sure is a big fellah, but he is a really cuddly, caring creature under all that chub! Eager to take you on adventures in his home range snuggled in the wilderness. Take a look around the river bend and find yourself a friend. A fishy friend.

Try Inmanis out in The Salmon King Inmanis colours! + £45
Behold the river monster! A salmon pink to red to metallic dark rouge red to weedy green metallic with creamy base and with unique hand painted silvery black speckles! No two toys will be exactly the same!

Inmanis The Salmon King comes in the default Firmness of Soft (S) Shaft and Medium (M) Firm Base.

▼ Designed by Menace of in 2021 and then hand sculpted by Killveous, this toy debuted for the first time in 2017 Convention Pre-order Pick Up, as well as being featured as part of the Symbiotic Slime promotion in October of 2018, Inmanis is now finally for sale will full customisation options for colours and firmness!

Promotional Artwork of The Salmon King Inmanis created by Trogonite!

Symbiotic Slime

Prowling the night looking for a friends and frights, your local monster mate could be in a city much closer to home than you might realise. This slimy sleuth is always in the mood for a sticky quickie or a longer, alien romance lesson session where he can show you all his intricacies in shape and shimmering colours.
This delicious colour features one of a kind, hand painted vein markings that snake and swirl all over the base in tones of shimmery white and opal. The shaft has a three-colour gradient of bright, fleshy Tongue Pink tip fading to vivid, blood thirsty red and then finally to a deep bulky black before meeting the base and sheath with a split of metallic blue shimmer black. If that wasn’t enough for all those hungry monster mates; the entire toy is also finished off with a subtle, contrasting moody black highlight which brings out the gorgeous realistic skin like textures that adorn his length. Making those details really shine.
No need to scream, this monster is on our team!

▼ Inmanis featuring Symbiotic Slime colours! + £60
An amazing and unique colour, no two of this colour will be exactly the same!  Photos are examples only!

▼ Symbiotic Slime colour comes in default Vahrun's Squish & Slime Firmness; A Medium (M) Tip, Soft (S) Shaft and a Hard (H) Base. 

▼ Promotional Artwork of Symbiotic Slime created by E-Zoid!

For best results, please colour in this line art to show an accurate representation of your desired colour options and markings. If help is needed, after purchasing you will be assisted by one of our artisans.

NOTE: Colours cannot be guaranteed. Please be aware only certain markings and patterns can be achieved in silicone. Prices for intricate and very complex markings are significantly higher than base colour costs.
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