Help & Frequently Asked Questions

Please check this section over before contacting us to see if your problem matches any of these questions. This will help MLM assist you in the most efficient manner.

What are your toys made from?

Only Platinum Silicone and body safe pigments. MLM will never sell a product made from materials that they wouldn't trust to use on their own body. See more information about our materials here.

I have a latex allergy, can I safely order from your shop?

MLM toys are made only from Platinum Cure Silicone.

How best can I clean and care for my toy?
Please see Technical Toy Care for more information and helpful links here!
Can I store MLM toys with other toys from other companies?

As long as those toys are Silicone, yes. Do not store silicone toys with toys made vinyl, TPC or Jelly. These toys may cause a chemical reaction that can melt and destroy your silicone products. See more information about our materials here.

What lubricants can I use?
​​​​​​​Please ensure to only use water-based lubricants with your toys, no silicone-based or hybrid lubricants. If you use silicone lubricants you will damage your products. This includes condoms pre-lubricated. MLM will not replace or refund toys damaged by improperly chosen lubricants.
I am not 18 yet! Can I still buy your products?


This site has a warning explicitly saying you should not view it unless you are over 18 years of age. We do not sell any products (including soaps and other non-nsfw items) to anyone under the age of 18. This includes when selling at conventions; we always make sure the convention is only for 18+ attendees. If you think someone is trying to buy using fake IDs or by borrowing someone's bank details/Paypal account, please let us know immediately so we can blacklist them. Minors will also be blocked from social media accounts as we are made aware of them.

You blocked/blacklisted me when I was under 18, I am 18 now, can I buy?

No. Blacklisting or Blocking is final, even if you have now turned 18.

I am blocked/blacklisted without reason!

MLM has the final word regarding who is allowed to reply on posts and submissions. If you find yourself blocked, then it may be because of your behaviour or other submissions.

If you have ever posted hateful content, you will be blocked. This includes any artwork featuring hate groups and symbols you may produce or promote via retweets/reblogs. If your avatar/header/banner features hate symbols, or terrorist organisation affiliates, you will be blocked.

You may be blocked for promoting yourself or others on submissions (known as flipping or push promoting). Generally, don’t hijack MLM promotions to sell your commissions or the like without permission. I had a lot of this on my popular tweets on main and I ain’t having it.

You may also be blocked for spamming or generally being a nuisance.

I cannot afford MLM prices

Monsters Love Machines takes a lot of time to make their toys, especially the very complex colours. Most other companies do not offer such a wide variety of colour options and customisations. The customer can always decide to purchase simpler colour options, which are much more affordable and more comparable to other companies costs. Some colour choices can also cost more simply because the pigment is more expensive or takes time to mix correctly. MLM colours, Metallic or Sparkle and Glow-in-the-Dark (GITD) all come with additional costs. Standard colours have no additional costs.

MLM charges a fair rate for the hours put into more complex colours and we do offer slight discounts on complex colours as they stack up! Always feel free to ask us about custom colour options, especially with a coloured in line art here!


Toy Enquiries:

Where can I find a list of your models and sizes?

You can find all available models here! All toy models have a size specs graph in their tabs or you can check out this list with size graphs here.

How do I order a custom coloured/firmness toy?

MLM has toys on the main page open for Custom Slots where either Simple Customs or Complex Customs can be brought from the options. Simple Customs can be chosen from drop down menus, while Complex Customs include customers talking with MLM to work out what is the desired look for the toy. Costs for the customisation will then be added and need to be purchased after confirmation.

Can I get MLM’s Speciality colours from other companies?

​​​​​​​Most companies and makers will not attempt or be able to achieve colour requests that match MLM’s speciality or signature colours. However we would ask people not to copy colours based directly on our characters and complicated colour options. Especially if they have one of a kind markings. This is simply in bad taste.

It would be a lot cooler if you came up with your own ideas.

Note; Basic colour options like marbles and what not made of premade colours are likely to turn up the same by chance often, this isn't an issue. It's just very unlikely someone would accidentally do a low sat black highlight over hand mixed pink to red to black fade with a black base with blue sparkle and then hand painted opal white markings by chance without having seen our Symbiotic Slime colour beforehand.

Also Note; MLM will not copy other companies ''''signature/house/natural'''' colours either directly. Inspiration to make something similar with changes is fine but asking for the exact colour will not be accepted in most cases unless it is something very basic like a typical fade of common colours like Blue to Red fade or something.

The toy that arrived is not what I ordered!

If a toy has been shipped out incorrectly please leave it SEALED within it's original plastic bag, take a picture of the toy, and email us. Do not open the toy under any circumstances, unless told to by Monsters Love Machines. You can easily see and feel the toy inside the bag to be sure it is the correct model, colour, and firmness that you ordered. If the seal on the bag is broken we cannot refund or replace the toy unless for certain rare exceptions which wouldn't become apparent unless opened (please see above). This is a strict rule and further explained in our Terms & Conditions here.

I have ordered a toy that is too small/too large/etc.

It is up to customers to know their size specifications and limitations when choosing their toys. Measurements are given on the toys as accurately as possible and should be abided by in context of what customers have had experience with before. Customers are also responsible for choosing the firmness that best suits them. If a customer is unsure about their firmness options and this is something that will greatly affect their order, then we recommend purchasing Sample Eggs to help evaluate what firmness would work best for them.

Refunds and replacements will not be made on toys that have been fulfilled correctly as ordered but that were chosen poorly by the customer to suit the customers personal needs.

My toy colour is slightly different from what I imagined/specified.

Silicone colours must be mixed by hand and matched by eye. While Monsters Love Machines strives to match custom colours to be as exact as possible to specifications provided, everyone sees colours differently. Monsters Love Machines has two colour calibrated screens as well as two other TV monitors to check custom colours while mixing. Colours should never be wildly off point, but may differ slightly due to this and should be accepted as part of the process. If you are very very specific about colours, then be sure to check your chosen colours on multiple screens to be sure all of the slight variations are within your acceptance range. And be sure to be very clear when choosing your colours; Hex codes and specific colour pigment names should be utilised if you are very specific.

Monsters Love Machines can ensure we will put in their best effort to colour match. However, we cannot guarantee the outcome of a toy and slightly incorrect colours are not a valid reason for refund or replacement. This is final.

Hand-painting in itself is an art form and is incredibly difficult to master. Hand-painted toys will never be as perfect as a printed out digital image. While MLM can ensure they will put in their best effort to hand-paint a design, we cannot guarantee the outcome of a toy and slightly incorrect markings are not a valid reason for refund or replacement. This is final.

If complaints are made about the final product for a colour variance by a small, acceptable degree, as described above, then MLM holds the right to refuse service in future orders. We understandably do not wish to risk disappointing you again in future.

I do not like the texture of this toy/the surface is not what I expect/what I am used to.

All toys at MLM are HANDSCULPTED. This means they are not plastic smooth, nor do they have any large sways of printer texture. The texture is more like real life, it has ‘imperfections’ and quirks to it like your own skin. There may be wrinkles, dimples, little pore-like dips, and creases. All MLM models are vigorously tested to be sure any of these parts will not cause issues when in use. All areas have been sculpted like that in the original design and that has copied over to the finished silicone product. This is not due to tearing, cutting or puncturing the toy or mold itself.

Because of this unique texture you should take time cleaning your toys thoroughly. Be sure to get into all the details that might collect any residue. You can read more about cleaning your toy here!

If an area on your toy doesn’t seem right, please contact MLM. If several customers point out an area and we agree that it could be improved, MLM can do this during the next casting session by reworking the master copy. However, any toys with sculpted scars/surgery marks or other important details are absolutely not subject to this and MLM will not be changing them as it is integral to the character. This is an artistic choice and we hope you will be understanding and respectful of that.

Part of my toy is coming away from another part!

Firstly, stay calm. Stop handling or utilising the toy immediately. Carefully clean the product and then take photo evidence of the issue. Contact MLM as soon as possible with an email containing your Order # and your photos. We will assist you to fix the problem once we have assessed what the issue is. 

While every level of quality control is put in place, making novelty silicone toys is an art form and sometimes things do go wrong. We are always learning. MLM strives to be open about mistakes and is very clear about correcting them. Your toy will either be replaced, free of charge, or you will be given a refund if it is found that the toy itself was faulty and not the customer's fault. MLM may need further photos or have the toy returned to us in order to determine what has happened (and reduce the risk this issue ever repeats in future).

Toys coming apart is something that has been seen with toys from a wide variety of different toy makers and companies, both experienced and new. It is very sad when it happens, but it is very clear when a toy is suffering from a fault with production, as the sections are extremely smooth and not a jagged mark made from a cut or incision. Once again if Monsters Love Machines is still unsure of the issue, they may ask for it to be returned for further inspection and tests. This can take time.

Silicone coming away from itself is called Delamination. This very rarely happens with silicone toys however is usually due to one of three reasons:

1. Cross-contamination with the release agent. Release agents are used in MLM molding processes (as they are with nearly all silicone novelty toy makers), and while utmost care is used to try avoid any contamination, release agents are, by their nature, difficult to remove, like to stay airborne, and they will linger in a mold if not properly aired and given time to ‘rest’ between pours. Molds and models have varied tolerances and needs, which are often hard to judge and time perfectly. This is usually the main culprit.
2. Poorly timed pouring and incorrect temperatures in silicone should not be allowed to ‘fully cure’ before the next portion of a toy is poured (such as the shaft from the base). Temperature and humidity can drastically affect cure times— heat will make silicone cure very fast, whereas cold can slow the curing process down (over 300% extra cure time in some cases). MLM does their best to keep their workshop at a consistent temperature, but due to UK weather conditions, this isn’t always easy. Some companies in hotter climates have to chill their silicone to increase working times for large batches, however, they then heat their products to help it cure faster before the entire toy has been poured. MLM does not do this and only heat cures toys that are fully poured so that the silicone warms, and thus cures, uniformly throughout the entire toy. MLM also does not routinely of chill their silicone before using it.
3. Improper measurements of silicone additives (such as sparkly pigments or GITD) can affect cure times as well as the material itself. MLM follows strict measurements and formulas to ensure their silicone is affected by this, however, mistakes do happen where too or too little pigment is added. While all MLM additives are body safe, accidentally adding 10x the amount of shimmer to a toy because of an incorrectly placed decimal point will affect how the silicone cures and adheres to itself. While this is very rare, it can occasionally happen. 

Please note that silicone coming away from itself is nearly always maker-error, not a fault of the material and certainly not a fault of the customer.

If it is concluded that there is an issue that was not your fault, then your toy will either be replaced free of charge or your toy will be refunded depending on what the customer prefers and the extent of any issues.

MLM will not replace or refund any toys that have been damaged by the customer. Damage can occur in many ways, but improper care, handling, and storage is the most common. This is true for all silicone toys, not just products by MLM.

What are Monstakes and Clumsy Colours? What are nicks and bubbles? What do these words mean?

Here is a run down of possible flaws that can occur when creating silicone toys. Note that this list is true for any toy maker, not just MonstersLoveMachines. MLM calls toys with flaws 'Monstakes'.
Some toys may be perfectly fine but have aesthetic issues, these are called 'Clumsy Colours' which you can read more about below.

- A Bubble is a common fault and can be detrimental depending on the size and location. A small bubble can be opened entirely, leaving no overhang, like a dimple or any other texture in a toy. Small bubbles like this can be cleaned with the rest of the toy with ease.
A large, or deep bubble, causes an issue that can let residue in, but possibly not out. Bubbles like this should be opened up so that they are not going to collect any residue.

- A Nick is a small chunk missing from a toy. This is usually harmless, but be aware that if the nick is very sharp or jagged (possibly caused by a sharp tool or a finger nail) then it can keep tearing and may trap residue in the deepening gash in the toy. Again, most nicks are harmless and while they can be felt, they can also be easily cleaned with the rest of the toy.

- A Speck is a small speck of pigment that has formed. This is usually more common when using fluro pigments or metallics. They are usually very small and usually cannot be felt in use, as it is just an overabundance of the specific pigment that's mixed throughout the rest of the silicone. These are also known as Beauty Marks or Beauty Specks!

- A Fragment are small inclusions in a toy. They are usually made of silicone (silicone leftover in the mold), are still body safe, but can be felt due to their different firmness or other issues. A fragment could also be a different inclusion, such as a spec of dust or a tiny fibre. Such fragments should be removed if they are large or abrasive, which will turn the fragment into a nick. Anything other than silicone stuck inside a toy should generally be removed as with time silicone will rub and push against it as the toy is used and bent around, often damaging silicone surrounding it. Large pieces of glitter and sequins do this often and thus MLM will never use such products within toys.

- Rarely, some toys have flaws that make them unsuitable for use and are known as 'Mega Monstakes'. These toys are sold deeply discounted as such. They can be used for other activities or purchased as display only.
Using these toys is strongly discouraged.

- Clumsy Colour toys have no faults but may have something aesthetically wrong with them, usually a drip of one colour that messes with an intended effect, or a fade that is very shabbily achieved (usually due to misjudged temperature control or simply from poor execution). MLM may slightly discount these toys due to this 'not quite perfect' look, however, the toy in itself is not flawed physically.

When do you drop toys in your inventory?

It’s a mystery.
Drop announcements will be made on our Twitter and other social media platforms periodically.

Can you hold pre-made toys for me?

No. First come first serve.

Does MLM give away toys for free?

No. MLM hosts give away competitions every now and then, but participants must meet criteria.

Does MLM give away toys for Reviews?

No. MLM does not do paid promotional reviews, as such reviews are not often honestly given. However, MLM may give products to fellow toy collectors to test and review publicly, but these are well known to the owner.

I saw this cool custom MLM toy on social media! Can I get that same pour done for me?

Depending on the toys colour, most options can be replicated to a degree. Marbles will never turn out exactly the same twice. Surprise me toys will never be the same twice.
Prices for these pours can vary based on complexity and the size and model of the toy being made.

MLM will not replicate exactly a customer's Complex Custom Order unless it is the same customer or is based on the same artwork or character theme. However, colours inspired by other MLM pours are perfectly fine.


Orders and Shipping:

Do you combine orders?

Multiple products can be ordered at once and will be delivered in one discreet package (see more here on our shipping). If you make separate orders before the first order has been shipped, we may be able to combined them into one package depending on your order and the location the order is being shipped to, send us an email. This is mainly due to weight and size limitations that are outside of our control.

I need to cancel my order, how can I?

Cancelling any order for whatever reason will incur a 36% surcharge. This charge is due to fees MLM takes when processing orders which is outside of our control.
To cancel an order you will need to contact and list your order number. We will then assist you and provide you with the best options.
If your order has already been shipped, we cannot under any circumstances issue a refund or exchange. We will provide proof of order and shipping in any disputes. 

Can I exchange my order for another toy of the same price?
I need to change the address my order goes to, how can I?

You can change your delivery address during the checkout process.
If you need an urgent change of address after your order has been made, please contact for assistance. If your order has already shipped, MLM will direct you to the shipments tracking and information regarding it.

My package has been lost or is slow to arrive. What can I do?

MLM is not in any way liable for lost or misplaced packages, especially when concerning shipping companies internationally. Tracking information for packages will always be provided and if shipments are lost then it is up to the customer to follow through with their local shipping agents and channels to either reclaim a package or request compensation. MLM can provide information such as package and order details, which can be relayed to the shipping company.

Packages may be slow or delayed by shipping companies, however, tracking numbers will provide a location on where your order is. Again, once the order leaves MLM’s workshop it truly is out of our hands.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes. Please refer to our Shipping page for more information here!

How do I get Discounts on my order?

You can check out our Monstakes page to view discounted toys! However, we do not offer regular discount codes. We will occasionally offer seasonal discount codes on our social media, so stay tuned there!


About Monsters Love Machines:

How long has MLM been making toys?

Monsters Love Machines opened a closed beta run in January 2020 for private orders. Website beta testing began on 24th September 2020 and this is considered MLMs birthday! Beta was extended for a year due to the COVID-19 pandemic and Brexit, which sadly occurred just as MLM was starting.

MLM’s owner, Kaz, has been designing toys for MLM since 2014. Kaz has designed products, promotional artwork and other related media for four different novelty toy companies since as early as 2011. Kaz has also produced designs for use in game media and VR, so you may find MLM designs out in the wild. 

Any work with other companies and creators is not reflective of MLM’s own standing or opinions. MLM does not in any way endorse, represent or affiliate themselves with other companies in any way at this time.​​​​​​​

How much time and resources go into making MLM products? Why are MLM toys so much more expensive than other novelty toys?

MLM toys are made from Medical Grade Platinum Silicone and only body safe pigments. All of these materials run at high costs, costs which in the UK (post-Brexit) are even higher than in the USA, where most of it is sourced. These high costs have regrettably passed onto prices of our products. MLM also focuses highly on the customisation and creative aspect of making toys; most other makers do not offer customisation to these extents, or do custom toys at all. Personalisation comes at a price, as so much time and effort goes into making these products. However, thanks to being within the UK, MLM customers can have far cheaper shipping, and no customs import charges unlike when importing from USA or other locations, making large savings.

We also to support local businesses with our manufacturing process, rather than making merchandise from Chinese imports. British made whenever possible!

Are MLM products Vegan?

Yes, MLM toys count as vegan and vegetarian friendly.

No animals or animal products are used in the production of MLM’s toys, or any of the silicone products.

Please be aware this only covers products MLM creates in house. Free gifts such, as candy and other food products, given during events and holidays, may or may not be vegan friendly. Please check the wrappers of the individual items for information.

MLM also sells other goods, like our soaps which are vegetation friendly. Non-vegan or vegetarian goods such as leather collars, which are made by a local artist (not in house), are clearly labelled as such.
These items are clearly listed and documented what materials they use to help you choose what products are best for you.

Are any MLM toys life casted or scanned from real life animals/humans?

None of MLMs products are life casted or life scanned. This includes, but not limited to, life casting and sculpting on top of the cast (such as life casting a human hand and adding some scales and claws). MLM will also not use parts of animals (such as bones, skins, shells, teeth etc) in their sculpts. We are aware some of our products look incredibly life-like, with all the perceived ‘faults’ and odd textures that life includes, however, no animal parts are utilised in any form.

MLM’s owner has never taken life casts or life scans and is not certified to take them; please do not ask us to take a life cast of your real-life physical anatomy. See Custom Created Toys here for information regarding custom sculpted toys.

None of MLM's toys are designed to accurately depict real animals. MLM has no interest in making those sorts of products. Toys themed like animals (such as a robotic equine or a monstrous werewolf) take some inspiration, but are clearly and unequivocally fantasy based.

Are any of MLM products based on real life animals?
None of MLM's toys are designed to accurately depict real animals. Many toys are inspired by fantasy animals and monsters, such as unicorns or dragons, werewolves, anthropomorphic ‘furry’ characters, etc. However, these are clearly fantasy creatures. Please remember that these are not real living things and, although there are some aspects that resemble reality, these are monsters and machines of wonder and imagination.
Are any MLM characters ‘Feral’ animals?
None of MLM's characters are realistic animals.

All MLM characters are sentient, consenting adults. Some characters may walk on four legs (or six, or none at all!), such as dragons, aliens, snake nagas or centaur themed creatures, but they all are sentient and able to speak and consent. Please remember these are not real living things and are purely fantasy creations.
Are any MLM characters underage?
All MLM characters are sentient, consenting adults. Some characters may be much larger, or much smaller than others, however they are still an adult over the age 18 in their continuity and canon. Many characters are hundreds of years old as they are immortal or undead characters, however, they are all still sexually mature, consenting adults. Please remember these are not real living things and are purely fantasy creations.
There are a lot more monstrous designs for sale than mechanical, why is that?
Wait and see!
Why is MLM sometimes ‘closed for the holidays’ or why are there no available custom slots/products in the inventory?

MLM's owner is a majority one-man-band for MLM who handles models, casting, pours, shipping, artwork and so on. This means that if there is any issue, it is usually best for MLM to close for holidays to take time off to recover.
MLM's owner has suffered several health complications which sometimes flare up again. There is also the problem of materials supply, with MLM being located on an island country that is the UK there can often be disruptions in acquiring the materials needed for products. This is especially true of silicone and certain body safe pigments which have, on multiple occasions, been completely cut off, with wait times of 3-4 months before being able to stock more.
When any of these issues occur MLM shuts down all customs first, making sure that no customers are waiting these long periods for their customised products.

Does MLM promote Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies?
Does MLM promote NFTs?
No. If you see any of Killveous’s artwork (or any MLM promotional art) for sale as an NFT, especially the dildo designs (known as Cock Comparisons or Dick Line ups), please let us know as this has been without permission. Killveous has already removed two posts of this nature before.
Do you support any charities?
Yes we do! Monsters Love Machines produces small accessories made from silicone as accompaniments for our toys! They are squeezable, squishable, and the profits from each sale will go to a charity specified on their product page! Monsters Love Machines is very keen to help support good causes and help care for the wildlife in the UK. Before making toys, MLM's owner was a volunteer for The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) and could be found at events and organisations, sometimes dressed as UK wildlife!