MonstersLoveMachines products are hand crafted in the UK and ship worldwide.

All Novelty Toys are handmade. Hand sculpted and cast in the traditional methods, meaning no rough, grating printer textures or overly glossy, plastic smooth finishes. MLM prides themselves in keeping original mold making techniques alive, many of which began in England over 100 years ago! This means each toy is an individual piece rather than something in an industrial line up.

Products being hand sculpted means they are not symmetrical and not glossy smooth, nor do they have the dreaded ‘sandpaper effect’ that 3D prints often suffer from.
MLM novelty toys instead offer intricate, delicate textures or ‘imperfections’ you might find on your own real-life flesh such as creases, small divots, bumps, crevices, and wrinkles. This is a rare feature in fantasy toy products and you will find the surface is incredibly, beautifully detailed and will hold lubricant very well!