Welcome to MonstersLoveMachines, the place for Bespoke Silicone Novelties and Monstrous Merchandise.

MonstersLoveMachines creates novelty products in the traditional way, handmade with attention to detail, focusing heavily on customisation and the unique properties of each and every piece. Each novelty toy being a unique handcrafted item that is as individual as the person owning it. MonstersLoveMachines will never put obnoxious branding on their design's prominent areas that might impede your fantasy or immersion, nor offer large sways of simply coloured toys such as batch producing uninspiring solid neon pink or jet-black toys in sub-par materials like so many other mass manufacturing toy productions.

MLM is often imitated but never equalled.

What MonstersLoveMachines has instead is a wealth of elaborate and intricate designs and colour options as well as a will to attempt nearly anything our clients could ask of us, including the option to have a toy fully sculpted and made under your specifics! All cast in wonderful, body safe, Platinum Silicone and using only body safe additives and pigments.

MonstersLoveMachines not only strives for unique products but also a fresh take on the novelty toy industry. MLM’s site has been designed to be friendly and accessible with dyslexic friendly font, cheery characters and images decorating its pages (and no real-life images of people or products in use). We are here to promote those working on adult orientated art, body safe products and their promotional material, as well as an inclusive outlook overall to our customers no matter their sex, race, gender, sexuality, body or neural divergency.

While many other producers will centre on one theme of novelty toys, such as human anatomy for the majority of stores and furry/anthropomorphic animal characters for other fantasy stores, MLM instead has a wealth of diverse and creative characters that span across multiple genres. MLM takes on humanoid, furry, alien, demonic and of course not forgetting the monsters and the machines. There's something for everyone at MonstersLoveMachines.

We hope you can find a friendly Monster with us soon!

About The Owner


Kaz is most well known as Killveous, or Killve for short within the fandom scene. He is a grey muzzle artist published and featured by several other, unaffiliated novelty toy companies and outlets. Killveous is a well experienced designer, artist and toy maker with more than 10 years of experience in the industry as well as an extensive collection of novelty toy products made by makers from around the world. Killve's adult toy designs grew in popularity thanks to several viral media posts featuring dildos inspired by characters from popular media. These illustrations have been featured by several media outlets, websites and have had designs included in adult entertainment games, VR and interactive videos.   
Killveous is the founder of this website; MonstersLoveMachines.co.uk , hosting, among other things, adult toys deigned to represent monster and robotic characters in popular media as well as a cast of original characters.  
Killveous is a transman and prefers to focus on toys and gear to suit a vaginal user customer base. Killve was born and bred in Great Britain in the heart of Essex before moving to Manchester to live with his husband and horse lord; Trogan. Killve can fold a fitted bed sheet and knows how to trim cattle's feet.

Killveous is: Lead Designer, Sculptor, Finisher, Lead Mold Maker, Lead Caster, Q&C, Lead Packer, Shipping, Lead Artist and Illustrator.
Killveous also is the designer for the MLM website and runs the social networks as well as currently being in charge of Washebe's Soap Shop, making all the products sold there.

Killveous hires on others often for work when times are busy, or for conventions as well as proudly recruiting fellow adult artists and collaborators. Small and simple silicone items are often made by others who are practising working with silicone!


Other artists are sometimes commissioned or collaborate with Killveous to create promotional artwork and designs. You will always find them credited on the product page and their artwork with their watermark and signature prominently and proudly displayed.
MLM also hires on other manufacturers to provide goods (such as keyrings, patches, plushies etc) again, credit and links to these artists/companies are provided and promoted on the product page!


Lord of horses and Kaz’s husband. Trogan helps with all things, especially paper work which Kaz sometimes makes nesting materials out of instead of doing it. Trogan is sweaty. Find his trail of hair and tears over in these desolate places:

Artist for Inmanis Promotional Art from Inmanis’s The Salmon King Inmanis.  
Artist for Vahrun Promotional Art from Vahrun’s The Monster King Vahrun.  

Artist Collab for Washebe Promotional Art from Washebe's Monster of the Bathhouse.

Maker of Merchandise and exclusive goods sold at convention. 

Twitter, ADTwitter, Patreon, FA, Redbubble, Threadless


Also known as Kierie and Kie, an extremely talented friend, who not only has done gorgeous promotional art, but also creates wonderful merchandise for MLM as well. Kie and Kaz often work together to perfect new toy designs as well as collaborate on character concepts such as Pastel and Mutt. Kie bullies Kaz every day and will never stop no matter how he begs.  You can find Kierie’s work here:

Artist for Pastel Promotional Art from Sanago’s Pastel Patterned Gecko.  
Artist for Mutt Promotional Art from Lucarine’s Golden Guard Mystic Mutt.  
Artist Collab for Washebe Promotional Art from Washebes’s Monster of the Bathhouse.
Operations Manager.
Maker of Merchandise and exclusive goods sold at convention. 
Co-designer for upcoming toys and characters (wave 2).

Twitter, FA, Tumblr


Piss lord, witch hunter and the original forsaken screamer, Screamy is, sadly, a long-term friend of Kaz and general nuisance at every turn. Terribly supportive and disgustingly passionate about art, Screamy needs to be stopped. Screamy helps with a range of MLM services, including screaming and keeping Kaz in line, judge to be. Recently off the string, what sins will they commit. Find out at:

Maker of Merchandise.
Master of all pee pee. 



Also known as E-Zoid, Zoid is best known for his enormous titty bara art and imaginative takes on kinky characters. Zoid is a sweet heart and a generous, soft baby man. So smoll. Deserves treeties. Kaz and Zoid often collaborate on art pieces and only found each other because of the Dick Meme that circled around twitter like a horrible rash. They make a cream for it now. Zoid can be found:

Artist for Slime Promotional Art from Inmanis’s Symbiotic Slime.  
Co-designer for upcoming toys (wave 3).

Twitter, FA, Patreon, Kofi


A long-term friend of Kaz’s and a truly superb artist. An intense work effort, Nakoo has always been pumping out the most wonderful art, often featuring amazing monster designs pumping others.  Nakoo is a beloved friend of many years and also supports many charitable causes, please be sure to check them out! This artist has the highest kindness rating of anyone. You can find their work here:

Artist for Monster page icons.
Artist for upcoming promotional art (wave 2). 

Website, Twitter, FA, Carrd


Enamored with details (so many scales!) and an eye for beautiful plump body shapes, Draconder was an ideal fit for illustrating the vulumptious characters of MLM.  Draconder met Kaz at a convention and they bonded over big fat scaley beasties. As such it is only fitting Draconder is in charge of such creatures at MLM! You can find their work:

Artist for Huel Promotional Art from Huel's Bone Appetite.

Twitter, FA


Another machine lover, Cyberlust is excellent at intricate, complex designs, featuring some of the most challenging aspects of art— robot asses robotic forms.  Cyber is a wonderful rat-dad who has a colourful gallery of work that doesn’t feature enough rats but includes a plethora of mechanical-manhunks. You can find more of his work here: 

Artist for Vahruns Promotional Art from Vahrun's Carnal Carnage.

Twitter, BigCartel, Patreon, Kofi, FA

MLM is always looking to ways to support fellow artist— if you feel your art or your merchandise suits MLMs themes, feel free to contact us at media@monsterslovemachines.co.uk and discuss!

Thank you to everyone who has supported MLM this far and helped make this weird little corner of the internet.